Printable Baby Shower Invitations

What is a printable? An invitation that you create at home and print on your home printer. Can I really print my own baby shower invitations? Yes. But to further answer to both of those questions we’ll take a look at some of the options you have at your disposal and how you can save money while getting good quality results at the same time.

There are a couple of things you should keep in mind however, before you begin.

1. Quality Paper and Plenty of Ink

Just because you are going to be printing the invitations yourself it doesn’t mean that you should cheap out on the paper, or expect to save on ink. There is a good reason why professionally printed invitations are so expensive. The resources that go into their creation as well as the time spent making them is considerable. And thus you should expect to invest into these areas when you print them yourself.

Because home printers are generally designed to work best with standard printer paper you need to check in your instruction manual to see what the maximum weight is your machine can handle. If you find that the card stock is still too thin you can use a little trick that we will share later in the tutorial.

Once you have the paper weight figured out you will need to make sure you have enough ink on hand or be willing to pick more up as needed. We’ll share a little trick that will help you save ink in the long run though in just a minute.

2. A Printable Invitation

Now that we have those two aspect covered we’ll look at what goes into a successful printable.

One of the things to consider here is how much color you will need to put into the print. If the entire printout is decorated in multiple colors and patterns you will spend more on ink than you would if certain aspects of the card are white.

There are tricks to make the print both cost effective and lovely so we’ll give you a couple of pointers at the end of the tutorial to do just that.

Now that you have the basics down lets look at what goes into the entire process in a broken down manner that allows us to build up to a satisfactory final product.

3. Printing Baby Shower Invitations to Save Money and Time

  1. Make sure that you have enough ink and paper on hand to handle the number of required invitations
  2. Make sure your invitation is cute and cost effective. Don’t fill it with needless extras that clutter the space and cost both for the printout and ink.
  3. Ensure that you have a clear idea of what needs to be included on the invitation before you click print on the full job.

3.1 Saving Money on Printables

When it comes to printing out an invitation at home ink and paper are the two aspects you will need to focus on. These are your primary expenses and they will force you to interrupt your print session if you do not have enough of either of them.

A good rule of thumb when it comes to ordering and print invitations is to print ten percent more than you need. As an example if you are going to invite ten people to the shower you should print an extra invitation for a surprise guest. For much larger baby showers you can lower the number slightly. But one extra card for every ten guests should give you a little buffer if you mess one up or a new guest appears on the list.

Once you have everything set you can calculate what you need so that you don’t purchase more than required to get the results that you want for the printable invitations for your baby shower.

3.2 Find the Best Invitation Template

Getting the right look for your baby shower isn’t difficult for your baby shower. There are plenty of excelelent resources online for you to pick the right printable. Here are a couple of popular options to get you started. However, if you really feel ambitious you can craft the entire design by hand. The choice is up to you, and there are no limits to what you imagine can create.

  • Tiny Prints
    Yes, you’ve read that right. Even Tiny Prints gives you a couple of insprational prinables for your baby shower.
  • Party City
    Here are a couple of nice options for you to choose from.
  • 15 Sets of Free Printables
    This page on About collects 15 different sets of printables together for you to find the right invitation for your baby shower.

One consideration should be made, and it should be made no matter if you select a template or you create one yourself. Make sure that more than 50% of the overall design is white. This will further save you money, and make the design less cluttered. In fact for homemade invitations this is the general recommended process. If you want a more elaborate design you can have them printed from some of the different online shops.

3.3 Preparing the Final Card

Now that you have the template selected, filled out and ready to print. Click print. But don’t start the entire job. Print a sample. You’ll find mistakes easier when you have a printout in hand that on the computer screen. Make the mistakes you find. Note down changes and then go and work them back off.

Once you have the changes updated on the source file you can print another card.

Continue the process until you don’t see any more mistakes. This will save a lot of time and money since you only needed to print a couple of tests before you’re ready to go on to the final job.

There are a number of different things that need to go on an invitation, but in general you are free to style it how you like. The only things you need to include are the “Who,” the “When,” and the “Where.” Everything else if optional.

4. Final Tips

Print what you need once you have a finished card. Add an additional ten percent to the total to account for lost invitations, mistakes, and other unforeseen needs.

If your printer can’t print on thick paper choose the nicest paper weight that your printer can safely handle and print the design on that. Make sure that the print is slightly smaller than the desired card size. Now take the original card stock, this will be thicker than the printouts and fold them like you normally would. Glue the printout on to the front so that you now have the