Baby Shower Invitations For Girls

Would would a little girl like for here baby shower invitation? This is the question that many hostesses ask themselves when they go about picking out the right invite for a baby girl shower. While the question might be hard to answer, there are in fact plenty of ways to pick a fitting design without too much difficulty. You just need to work from the little tidbits of information you already know.

Once you have this checklist ticked off you’ll be all set to pick the fitting cards.

  1. What does the mommy-to-be like?
  2. What colors does she adore?
  3. What animals, themes, or trends does she like?
  4. What would make a fun baby shower?
  5. When will the shower be celebrated?

Once you write down a word or two for each of the points above you can quickly find the perfect invitation for just about any baby girl shower.

Let’s go over the list in a little bit of detail, answering it with some hypothetical choices and see what we get out of it. Does that sound like a good idea? Good. Then let’s not waste another moment. Let’s find the best invitation for Mary Sue’s baby shower.

1. What does the mommy-to-be like?

This is a easy one to answer for most hostesses. And if you can give an honest answer you will be able to get the best from your invitation, even if you plan to print them yourself.

Mary loves strawberries. And while you my think that is too simple you’ll soon see that this is a great option when it comes to picking out the right look for the invitation. Just wait.

What colors does she adore?

Since she is a strawberry type of girl I bet she really likes pinks and soft reds. And what do you know, she really does.

The reason we’ve chosen to host a girl baby shower is simple, there is a little girl on the way and that should be celebrated. But many people forget that when they host a gendered shower they should in fact be embracing the different aspects that that offers. Some hostesses will choose to host a shower for a girl or a boy but then pull back. Since this isn’t a unisex baby shower you can safely pick out girl colors without feeling bad. There is no point in being too PC here. You have the freedom to choose soft feminine colors without feeling bad.

So now we have soft pink baby shower invitations with strawberries. Uhm, is anyone else getting hungry?

What animals, themes, or trends does she like?

Mary isn’t big on animals, but that isn’t a problem. We already know that she loves strawberries and they will go great on the invitation. There is no sense in overloading it with extras that will detract from the end result.

While Mary isn’t an animal type of person you do known that she will be decorating the baby’s room with polka dots. Excellent! Now we have a little background pattern for the invite cards as well!

What would make a fun baby shower?

Do you have any ideas for a fun shower? We’re sure you do. They can be hinted at in the overall design. Though, be careful not to make them the center of attention. You want the guests to look forward to th fun that is to come. If there is too much attention to the fun and games they will be mentally prepared and will not be surprised when they actually get to enjoy the activities.

When will the shower be celebrated?

Last but most definitely not least you need to include the time and place. The traditional shower is held at the home, though many modern showers also take place at restaurants or other locations where a group of people can gather comfortably.

We have many options when it comes to celebrating baby showers for girls. And while this is just one of many styles, you can incorporate the different elements together to form some of the most enjoyable shower parties you can think of.