Baby Shower Invitations For Boys

What makes the difference when you want a special invitation for your special little boy? The whole PC trend to celebrate a unisex baby shower has gotten a little bit out of hand. And here is why. When you want to celebrate a baby shower you want to have the party you want. Not the one that is socially acceptable. But unfortunately many women are either given, or even choose to have a baby shower that simply does not suit them. That doesn’t have to be the case nor do you have to settle for a second rate baby shower. We’ll give you a couple of tips that will help you have the shower you really want for your baby boy and enjoy it, too.

There are many different ways to celebrate. They can be big, they can be small, and they can all be themed.

Celebrating the arrival of your child doesn’t have to be a chore. But if you choose something that simply doesn’t fit with your it can be.

When you pick to have a baby shower for boys you aren’t being politically incorrect. What fits with one mother doesn’t need to fit with another. And you are free to have the shower you have always wanted.

So what makes a boy baby shower?

Of course the colors are going to be different. And the theme may reflect activities that would appeal to “boys” but they don’t need to be. Just because the party is geared toward a little boy that doesn’t mean it is overly masculine. But it does take the child’s gender into account. And that is what a boy baby shower is all about. In fact many people have a misconception as to what a gendered baby shower is all about.

Many of them think that it is a revelry in gendered activities. And that is most definitely a fallacy that is promoted by the PC crowd.

Celebrating a Baby Shower for Boys

That’s easy. All you need is a little creativity and a touch of what makes any baby shower fun. Food.

While you will most certainly be picking a blue tint for the decorations you will also want to go ahead and pick out a couple of other things that go in this direction. First dainty little cakes and other treats are often replaced with party snacks. Nuts. Pretzels and other fun foods that a little boy would most certainly appreciate.

But there is more.

Take into account what daddy loves to do. There is a good chance that his son will love them too. Is dad a baseball fan? Then you could include these themes on the invitation. The same goes for any sport or activity that would fit.

The biggest difference in a boy baby shower though is the fact that, while baby showers are traditionally for women. Men are often included in the shower celebration. Cookouts, picnics and BBQs are all options that will keep your guests entertained without creating an overly formal atmosphere.

And when the day is all over, and you have packed away the gifts into the back of the guest of honor’s car you will realize that there really isn’t a big difference.

The only one that may end up mattering is that the people meant to enjoy the day will have done so without the feeling of guilt. As you can see what makes a baby shower is not the gender, the theme or the snacks. It is the people that you celebrate it with.

So if you would like to have a baby shower for a little boy then do so without worrying what the neighbors will think.

You’ll be happy you did.